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Break Week and Computer problems

Times I wish I could just make pages appear straight out of my mind and it's coloured and all that without any issues.

After chapter one got done I wanted to take a week break, but then I work on it enough my computer screws up that I can't even save it all and then I have to start again. Though ASIDE from that, I mean to at least have one page up this week. And it'll have some humour.

The bunch of updates earlier was to finish the chapter. That and I was in the groove. At least I have a script to follow

Other note though, I had times I had a tumblr blog thing for this comic but if any of you went there just 'cause... it's gone because I got rid of it and it's replaced by a blog for my original stuff. Whether it be ES or not. it's there.

http://kyuuketsukineko.tumblr.com/ <-- fan art WIPs, finished WIP and general reblogging

http://kyuuketsukinekooriginals.tumblr.com/ <-- All possible original stuff including ES. Finished things likely to have a watermark. Maybe even screenshots of comic progress.

If anything I might have something before or ON Friday.

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